• Call For Waste Collection 079 - 40401000 (Ahmedabad)
  • 1860-233-1111(Rest of India)

About us

WOW is build around this philosophy of trash management & our focus is on recovering that value – and that’s what sets us apart from our unorganized vendors.

We are in the business of managing wastes since last 69 years. It is said that one man’s trash is another’s treasure

Using our expertise and capabilities, we have been capturing value from waste streams– by processing wastes to provide recycled raw materials with lower water and carbon footprints

Waste is no longer something to get rid off – it’s a resource

  • Get the best price for your waste products

  • Environment Friendly recycle Process

  • We Resell Reusable Products


We Collect Dry Waste from your office and house by using very organized system give you quality service on time. Give us a call and our professional colleciton stewards will collect your dry waste and give you instant compensation.


Digital Weight Scale provides perfect weight. Meaning, You will get for what you give & Collect Complete details of material. Our Business Model gives you the best price for your waste almost double which means double smile on your face We understand, Your time is precious, So, we are there whenever you want!

How it works

The model works on the retail purchasing of waste products at source. Our Concept is to procure the materials from source and give a better price to the customers who generates waste.