• Call For Waste Collection 079 - 40401000 (Ahmedabad)
  • 1860-233-1111(Rest of India)

Things We Buy

Sr. No. Category Details
1 Pasti Newspaper, Share From
2 Books - Notebook Text Book, Note Book without cover, Annual Report, Magazines, Supplementary, White Pamplets, White computer stationery without carbon paper, Xerox paper
3 Putha Invitation cards, Notebook cover, Sarees Boxes, Under Garments Boxes, Duplex Boxes, Files, Medicine empty box, Board
4 Cartoons Tiles Boxes, Brown Boxes
5 Old Record Old ofiice record, Very very old newspaper, yellowish books, colour pamplets
6 Milk Pouch - Dudh ni theli Cleaned milk pouch
7 Plastic (Hard) Black Plastic, Hard Plastic, Pet Bottles, Cassettes, DVD, water jugs
8 Plastic (Soft) Sintex Tank, PVC, Bucket, Shampoo Bottels, Toys, Furniture
9 Plastic 5,10,15 Ltr Oil plastic tins
10 Oil Tin ( Label ) 15 Lts Fresh empty oil tins
11 Oil Tins (Scrap) 15 lts Rusted, Dented Oil Tins, Ghee Tins, Makai Tins
12 Metal - Iron (Heavy) Frames, Doors, Gates, Windows, Channels, Gudders, Angels, Bars, Machines and Machine spare parts, cycle.
13 Metal - Iron (Light) Patra, Celing Channel, Tubelight Patti, Sheets, Kaju Tins, Small Ghee tins, Small oil tins, Medicines tins
14 Wooden (Waste) Furniture,
15 Glass Waste Clear glass, sauce bottles, beer bottles
16 Copper Utensils, wires, pipes
17 Brass Waste Utensils, Water tapes, Locks
18 Alluminium Waste Utensils, Section, Wires
19 Casting Alluminium Motor Parts and other parts made of alluminium, Deodrants, Beer and Cocacola Cans
20 Steel Wasan Utensils, pipes, section, bathroom fitting
21 Battery Scrap Battery without water